Upcoming Meetings

The scheduled June 20, 2020 Annual Membership Meeting is indefinitely postponed.  Due to the current Covid-19 Washington state executive order regarding phased opening it appears we are unable to have the meeting in June.  Given that this is an unfolding situation the Board will continue to monitor in hopes of a later meeting.  Please check back here for updates.

October 10, 2020:  Board Meeting

January 16, 2021:  Board Meeting

March 31, 2021:  Board Meeting

June 19, 2021:  Annual Membership Meeting

July 10, 2021:  Board Meeting

October 9, 2021:  Board Meeting

Please check back here for changes or additions to schedule.

Required Project & Driveway Forms

Please remember that all plans for construction of all residences and outbuildings must be approved by the ACC. In addition all buildings must meet with all zoning and building regulations of Okanogan County. The appropriate form can be obtained on this website on the ACC page.

Paypal is no long available for making payments